Montreal has an amazing lifestyle, the people seams very happy and satisfied with their surroundings. I enjoyed the working time a lot but contrariwise the situation let it me think a lot about our european freedom to perform in public space. After arriving in Montreal it was clear that the security standards didn't allowed FIREBIRDS to perform in and interact with the public. On the one hand a really pity and hard situation for the show, otherwise a big experience for the flexibility of our team. The show had to set-up completely new to work in a closed and secured area, separated from the public. 

In the end the group realized that the public in Montreal would be overstrained, if the barriers won't be between us and them. Montreal - a city full of strict rules, don't allow free movements, even if the crazy European artists group is invited to present theatre 'in' public space. But finally the Titanick pilots made a journey full of happiness and craziness. Thank you beautiful Montreal.